Staff Profile: Joel Plotnek

Joel Plotnek has been with Churches of Christ in a number of roles over the last fifteen years.   Joel has a long track record of commercial and finance experience, working in public accounting and not-for-profits.

He sits as the CCVT (Churches of Christ Vic-Tas) representative on the University of Divinity Council as well as a number of other boards and committees.  Joel is married with two teenage girls to keep him busy along with a number of business interests and creative projects on the go, which include managing his brother, Phil Plotnek, a Messianic musician.

We caught up with Joel to ask a few questions about his role heading up CCFS.

What are your priorities for CCFS?

I’m entrepreneurial and wired for growth and development.  My passion is to see church growth through mission and community engagement.  So the priorities for CCFS are around finding creative ways to fund and finance this and developing savvy and innovative business models that can interface with church mission.

What are the challenges you see ahead for funding church mission?

One of the critical challenges for the church has always been about contextualising mission into the surrounding community.  The back end of this for CCFS is how can we help churches discover their mission and support it by giving practical support through funding and financing of church property and development.