CCFS New Brand

The demand for new and innovative financial services is rapidly growing as churches face new ways to respond to God’s call to develop their ministries.

CCFS uses funds invested by individuals, congregations and organisations to support the ministry of Churches of Christ. Investing wealth with CCFS keeps funds flowing within the Churches of Christ network. Everyone can participate in strengthening the network of churches and ministry.

The CCFS brand reflects who we are, what we stand for, what we do and how we do it. CCFS understands the unique financial challenges that churches and ministries face. We aspire to be the leading provider of financial services for churches and to partner with them to fulfil the needs of their communities.

Our logo

Our new logo conveys what people can expect from us – what experience they can expect to have. It is bright, fresh, positive, optimistic and professional. Lowercase ‘ccfs’ lettering is modern, friendly and approachable.

The eight-pointed star shape of the symbol represents the six states and two territories (NT and ACT) in which Churches of Christ in Australia operate. The connecting points represent the movement of monetary funds between churches, organisations and individuals within the network of Churches of Christ. The interconnecting colours of blue and green combine to reflect professionalism and growth, not only the growth of funds, but also growth of the wider church and its community.

Our logo is a symbol for a fresh new approach to financial services for Churches.

Our tagline: We’re growing ministry together

Growing our churches, their communities and the Churches of Christ movement is at the heart of what we do at ccfs. Our new tagline sums up that we understand better than any financial institution the unique needs and challenges that Church communities face as they strive for growth.