Monthly Archives: July 2020

CCFS Office Relocation

For some time now, Churches of Christ in Victoria have been considering the possibility of moving to a more strategic and central location within Melbourne. A number of complementary factors have converged to present a compelling case for CCFS (in conjunction with the Churches of Christ Victorian State office) to relocate. Firstly, COVID-19 has redefined the ability of organisations to… Read more →

Congratulations Meera!

Congratulations to Meera for completing the first of three modules in her quest to become RG146 accredited. Meera completed the Tier 1 – Generic Knowledge module and hopes to complete the remaining 2 modules (Tier 1 Securities – General Advice & Tier 2 Deposit Products General Advice) during the second half of 2020. Since 2016, CCFS has been the holder… Read more →

Warnbro Redevelopment Nears Completion

Warnbro Community Church is located approximately 55kms south of Perth was established in 1991. Under the leadership of Pastor Ryan Laden, the church has outgrown the original facilities and in 2018 commenced a significant redevelopment of these facilities to better meet its future needs. Pastor Ryan has drawn on his previous family company experience in church construction to project manage… Read more →