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Staff Profile: Greg McLean

Greg is the latest addition to the CCFS team as the Insurance Manager. He has two adult daughters and attends TLC in the outer eastern suburbs where his wife is a Senior Pastor. Greg has worked in the Insurance Industry for over 30 years and has travelled extensively in his various jobs. One highlight being a visit to the Lloyds… Read more →

Helpful Hints: Access deposits faster

Some customers have experienced delays when depositing cash and cheques together with the one deposit slip. All the funds are processed as ‘unclear’ and can delay access to the funds by several days. By  splitting the deposit into a cash deposit and a cheque deposit with a separate deposit slip for each, access to the cash should occur overnight. Cheques… Read more →


When I visit churches a common question I’m asked is “Why should we change from our current bank?” It’s a reasonable question but initially it caught me off guard. “Wasn’t the answer obvious?” I’d think to myself. Then I realised for many, it’s not straightforward. Loyalty and routine are powerful forces. They make change difficult, but in the case of… Read more →