Monthly Archives: July 2022

Here’s how your investment can reduce your church’s interest bill

Church Builder Interest Offset accounts are one of two different offset accounts offered by CCFS. This product is available to church congregation members who wish to provide financial assistance for their church’s building activities. How does it work? CCFS holds the investment on behalf of the investor, with the investor always retaining ownership and control over their investment, whilst “donating”… Read more →

Expanding the mission in Western Australia

In January 2020, almost two and a half years ago, the Western Australia Building Extension Mutual Fund and CCFS joined forces in a national initiative to provide an expanded range of financial services to churches and investors in WA. Western Australian churches and investors have shown strong support for the initiative with debentures and loans increasing 300% in that time.… Read more →

Digital ID continues to be a convenient option

The Australian government via AUSTRAC has increased its requirements on organisations like CCFS to identify our borrowers and accountholders. This includes all account signatories as well as the officeholders of any organisation that has accounts with CCFS. The Identification rules are designed to help detect and report suspicious activity such as money laundering and terrorist financing. Historically, CCFS has met… Read more →