Invest with CCFS. Support mission!

Here’s how you can increase your church’s missional impact…


CCFS is currently funding over 45 church building projects and there are many more churches who will require funding over the next 2 years. We need your support! Invest with CCFS or consider shifting your bank accounts and support mission.

CCFS is different to the bank you may be currently using, even if that is a community bank. Banks are profit driven and exist to provide returns to their shareholders. CCFS is missional and not-for-profit.

So, imagine if your church could support mission and Kingdom growth at little or no cost by switching to CCFS. And with competitive rates and no fees (other than third party charges) your church may come out front. Here are two options to consider:

  1. Switch all your accounts to CCFS. With access to Australia Post’s branch network via Bank@Post, BPAY, EFT, CCFS Online, cheque books and Visa Prepaid cards, using CCFS is more convenient than ever.
  2. If switching all your accounts is not possible, consider opening a term investment, building fund account, missions account or Minister’s Expense account. Whichever option you choose, you’re supporting mission.

So, whether it’s to help grow your church and its community, to fund your next development, for your own personal finances or to assist with your church-based enterprise, CCFS is ready to step you through the process. You can contact us here

For us, it’s not about finances, numbers or a job. Its ministry!