Why choose CCFS

So why choose CCFS for your ‘banking’?

We understand it can be a big decision to switch your savings and investment accounts however, partnering with CCFS is a practical way you can support mission. We’re biased, even passionate about what we do so to us, the choice is clear.

Banks, even community banks, are profit-driven. They exist to provide returns to their shareholders and reward their senior executives lucratively for the profits they generate.

CCFS is missional and not-for-profit. We exist to serve churches and the broader movement. For us, its not about finances, numbers or a job. Its ministry.


What can you do?

You may be able to take up all of our products and services, or just a few. Either way, you’re creating an income stream for your state office and freeing up funding for new and improved church facilities.

So, whether it’s to help grow your church and its community, to fund your next development, for your personal finances or to assist with your church based enterprise, CCFS is ready to step you through the process.

Members of the Churches of Christ community, like you, can choose from a range of options. Find out more in the following sections:

CCFS pool your invested funds to help grow Churches of Christ mission and ministry, by offering loans and financial support to our churches, with no account fees or charges applied*, and at competitive rates.


How does switching to CCFS affect your access to your money?

It doesn’t. Depending on the account option you choose, you can invest and withdraw your money electronically through CCFS Online or via Bank@Post at any Australia Post branch. You’ll also receive statements detailing transactions on your account at regular intervals.

Rest assured, CCFS is bound by governance and legislation to ensure your money is secure.

Whilst there are no CCFS branches for you to visit, you will always have someone to chat with should you have any other questions. You’ll find all the contact details here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to get your CCFS account set up, here’s how to get started.