Investments & Loans Just Got a Whole Lot Better – Property & Finance Seminars Well Supported

Thanks to all who attended the recent Property & Finance Seminars held during November and December. Many thanks to Ringwood, York Street, North Fitroy and Southern Community churches for their hospitality.

We were encouraged by the positive feedback and the willingness of churches to explore how they can work together with CCFS. Clearly there is a recognition of the key role CCFS will play in the renewal challenge and mission through property development both now and for future generations.

Dylan Baker, Prop Corp’s Property Manager generated many ideas and much discussion regarding the opportunities for churches to leverage their properties to provide improved cash flows and greater integration with their local communities.

Dylan stated “many churches are well placed to develop their properties and provide a solution to unfulfilled community needs”. There was significant interest shown in the relationships being developed by Dylan with providers of child care and early learning. Through these opportunities, some churches have identified ways to subsidise the borrowing costs associated with the redevelopment of their church facilities.

Underpinning this interest in property development is the need for additional funding. Stuart Campbell, CCFS Relationship Manager was overwhelmed with the sense of community and goodwill toward CCFS and its mission of raising funds for church development. We are excited about 2015 and the opportunities it will bring.