When I visit churches a common question I’m asked is “Why should we change from our current bank?” It’s a reasonable question but initially it caught me off guard. “Wasn’t the answer obvious?” I’d think to myself. Then I realised for many, it’s not straightforward.

Loyalty and routine are powerful forces. They make change difficult, but in the case of banking, change can be for the better. Each individual church can support mission and strengthen the movement at virtually no cost to the church by switching to CCFS.

Here are five reasons why every church within the Churches of Christ movement should consider investing with CCFS.

  1. 100 million reasons
    Our initial research into the banking, investing and financial arrangements of Churches of Christ churches indicated there could be close to $100 million available for church funding if we were to work together. This amount increases as we consider the arrangements of related agencies and organisations. The amount grows significantly larger when we consider the collective financial strength of the employees and congregation members within our movement nationally. We estimate there could be more than $1 billion available if we worked together and pooled our resources.
  2. CCFS is missional and not-for-profit
    Banks, even community banks, are profit-driven. They exist to provide returns to their shareholders and reward their senior executives lucratively for the profits they generate. CCFS is a low-cost provider so the returns to us are not as great, however when churches work together and utilise CCFS products and services a return is generated that is shared with the movement. It’s important to remember we exist to serve churches and the broader movement. For us, it’s not about finances, numbers or a job. It’s ministry.
  3. Enhancing a sense of community
    We have intentionally called our organisation Churches of Christ Financial Services. We exist for the Churches of Christ community and every time a treasurer logs in to CCFS Online, uses one of our cheque or deposit books, refers to our website, or every time a minister uses one of our Minister’s Expense Account Visa cards there is a connection with the Churches of Christ. They are reminded that we are Churches of Christ. Using our products and services, not those of another bank strengthens the connection between that person, the church and our movement.
  4. Personal friendly service and a centre of financial expertise
    Our team is dedicated to your church! We care about you and the mission of your church. We are in daily contact with treasurers, elders and ministers and regular contact with specialist lawyers, accountants and other professionals. The knowledge of our team is first class and available to bless the movement. We are only a phone call or email away.
  5. Products and services specially customised for the church community
    Our immersion in church finance has helped us gain a thorough understanding of the financial needs of church communities. This reflects in
    • Specialised products such as the CCFS giving app
    • EFTPOS/Merchant terminals group buying discounts
    • Our approach to church loan approval
    • Working with churches through financially challenging times

You may be able to take up all of our products and services, or just a few. Either way, you can support mission and strengthen the movement by switching to CCFS.

Check out our website, give us call or send us an email. We’re happy to chat.