Transition of branch services from Westpac to Bank@Post delayed

The transition from the Westpac branch agency arrangement to Australia Post’s Bank@Post service has been delayed.

Initial testing conducted by CCFS payments partner Indue revealed the need for additional programming and configuration changes. As a consequence, the new cheque and deposit books referred to in our earlier communication with clients have been held pending approval to release.

Westpac have extended the current arrangements until 28 February 2021 to allow the required changes to be made. CCFS customers can continue to use existing cheque and deposit books until the new Bank@Post books arrive. It is possible some Westpac staff will be unaware of the extension and may refuse to accept funds. If this is the case, simply advise of the extension and ask that they place the forms in their nightly batch processing work. Alternatively, you can contact the CCFS office for follow up.

The new books may be used as soon as they are received at Australia Post Bank@Post outlets. Customers should note that current Westpac books will not be accepted at Bank @Post outlets and similarly, Bank@Post books will not be accepted at Westpac branches.