Prison Network – A very special gift

Prison Network (PN) is a non-profit organisation affiliated with Churches of Christ that has been providing support to women in Victorian prisons and their families for over 75 years. Amelia Pickering (pictured) was appointed CEO in 2020 to lead the ministry as it journeys with women in and beyond prison, providing the support and courage needed to navigate positive pathways and create change.

For over ten years, PN had rented a unit to support women transitioning out of prison. In early 2021, a very generous and faithful couple provided a financial gift that allowed the ministry to purchase the property being rented. It was the largest gift Prison Network had ever received.

Coincidentally, the owners of the property purchased are the children of a Joan Baker, who volunteered many decades ago alongside Marj Swales, one of the pioneers of the Prison Network ministry. Their ongoing generosity has been greatly valued.

CCFS is pleased to partner with Prison Network and their generous donors to make this milestone possible.

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