New CCFS App launched to support church giving

Church giving is changing…rapidly

The way our congregation members give is rapidly changing and many churches are unprepared for the new digital economy. That’s why the new CCFS app is an essential giving option for churches and their congregations.

I remember the days when I would give to my church in cash. Then by cheque (I’m not sure my teenage children would even know what a cheque is!) and more recently by EFT. But even that is being left behind by other digital and mobile giving options. In the US, 74 percent of churches offer online giving in some form. That’s up from 42 percent just two years ago and whilst the figures aren’t available in Australia yet, we expect they’re similar. Churches not offering digital and mobile giving options will miss out on much needed income.

App Features & Highlights

We have invested considerable time and money developing the new CCFS Giving App to ensure it is a valuable resource for church congregation members, treasurers and administrators. Highlights include:

  1. Church members can download the app from the Apple or Android store and begin giving to their church straight away.
  2. Gateway to CCFS Online for CCFS customers
  3. Access to all the latest CCFS news and updates
  4. Links to commonly used forms and resources
  5. Link to Churches of Christ Insurance
  6. Contact details for CCFS and your Churches of Christ state office
  7. A cost-effective alternative to Pushpay

A 2018 report into church digital giving trends revealed that digital givers gave on average 33% more and 44% more often than through conventional giving channels. This was even more pronounced amongst mobile givers.

The CCFS App helps prepare churches for the rapidly changing giving environment. Check out our website, give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to chat.