Door of Hope Prepares for the Future

Door of Hope, based in Launceston, Tasmania, is more than a church. It’s a local landmark.


The church purchased the former Coats Paton Woollen Mill (40,000m2 under roof) in 2001 and commenced construction of a large auditorium, small auditorium, foyer, and office areas during 2003. The church relocated from its former site and commenced services in November 2003.

Since that time, the church has systematically redeveloped additional areas of the site for the purposes of community engagement, expanding the number of business and ministry opportunities as they became available. Currently, the church site hosts Tasmania’s largest gym, and Tasmania’s largest conference centre.

The latest initiative involves the removal and replacement of asbestos roofing and upgrading the fire services to the remainder of buildings (these areas are identified in the picture as the darker roof area).

This current project is jointly funded by the church and CCFS, and will take approximately 18 months to complete. This will include:

• Replacing 19,000 square meters of roof—a larger area than the MCG.

• Approximately 25,000 individual panes of glass will be removed from the saw tooth structures and replaced with clear polycarbonate sheet.

• Around 2 kms of rusted and patched box gutters to be replaced by long-lasting stainless steel.

• Changeover of 6,500 sprinkler system heads, 8 sprinkler system control valves, and 9 sprinkler system isolation valves.

Completion of the project will assist Door of Hope obtain insurance, provide long term cost savings on roof repairs and maintenance, and enable the expansion of current activities and the launch of new missional initiatives over the next two years. The church’s ultimate aim is to create a facility for the next generation that continues to serve the community and glorify God. It’s a privilege to partner with them on this journey.