Door of Hope lives up to its name

Always great to catch up with Andrew Fair (Chair), pictured alongside Stuart Campbell (CCFS), Troy Roberts (COO) and Anne-Maree Harback (CFO) at Door of Hope Christian Church in Launceston. They are a church that never stands still. Always looking for new ways to add value to their community. In addition to a gym, cafe, medical suites, conference centre and early learning, the church site now houses Palmer’s Dance Studio, Windsor Allied Health and LEX, the Launceston Entertainment Centre.

Formed in the 1800s, Door of Hope has a rich history in Launceston. For nearly 140 years, the church has connected with and served their local community; from originally gathering in halls and tents, to their current home – a once-derelict building in South Launceston, now transformed into a place of vibrant life and hope, that connects people to the real source of truth, Jesus.