Church Finance Handbook

We are pleased to introduce the Church Finance Handbook comprising the GST Handbook and the Treasurer’s Handbook for use in your church. Along with these useful handbooks we have also included many templates and resources that will help church treasurers around Australia with the daily and on-going running of their churches.

The Treasurer’s Handbook

The role of a church treasurer is rewarding and challenging. There are many responsibilities associated with it, but not always an adequate supply of resources or people to assist with what is required.

This Guide has been specifically designed to assist church treasurers in attending to their responsibilities. It can be used by new church treasurers so that the transition to their role happens in the most efficient and effective manner. It can also be used by current church treasurers who simply need assistance with their responsibilities.

The Guide discusses various issues associated with the role of a church treasurer. However, the first step is to gain an understanding of some financial aspects associated with your church.

The GST Handbook

The GST is a “goods and services tax” at the rate of 10%. It is not a tax on income, but rather a tax on the consumption of goods, services and other things such as creation of rights in Australia.

The GST applied in Australia from 1 July 2000. On the introduction of the GST, the sales tax system was repealed.

This handbook contains a wealth of information for church treasurers that will help them administer this comprehensive tax.

Finance Resource Centre

We present many templates and resources for church treasurers.

Further information

For further information please contact your state Relationship Manager or Stuart Campbell on 1300 MYCCFS (69 22 37) or via the CCFS contact form