CCFS & South Australia

We are excited to welcome South Australia’s Building Extension Mutual Fund as the newest partner in CCFS.

Discussions were conducted over many months with the SA BEMF Committee and executive team members. After working through the logistics of amalgamation we were able to welcome South Australian investors and borrowers to CCFS. Phil Burgess, GM-Operations for SA & NT says “Churches of Christ in SA and NT Inc. are delighted to
be partnering with CCFS across the full range of financial services, including investments for our former mutual fund account holders, loans for churches, and ministry expense accounts for our ministers. We have been very pleased with the highly responsive and professional level of service from the CCFS team, and impressed with the efficiency and ease-of-use of the online platform. We are most excited by the strategic potential this partnership offers to our Movement moving forward, to be able to resource new Kingdom ventures in innovative ways.”

The speed and simplicity of the Pushpay platform allows people to give in the moment, and the result for your church or ministry can be a significant increase in giving. We have many examples of how Pushpay has worked for other churches and organisations.

Joining with South Australia is an important step in the unfolding national initiative regarding nance and investments. Working together provides greater efficiency, economies of scale and ensures that churches continue to have access to funding for future growth and development.