CCFS Prepaid Visa Card Replacement Program

The CCFS Prepaid Visa cards expire 31/12/18 and new cards are currently being produced. If we haven’t already been in contact with you, your employer organisation will need to contact CCFS to request the re-issuance of your card. Important facts about your new card:

  1. Your employer needs to contact CCFS to have your card re-issued
  2. Once your new card arrives you will need to activate it via the card portal on the CCFS website
  3. Your replacement card will have a new number
  4. The recharge/top-up account number and BSB will remain unchanged
  5. Any balances on the current card will automatically transfer to the new card if your card is re-issued prior to expiry
  6. If your card is being used for direct debits, you will need to advise the biller of your new card details