CCFS Online Is Better Than Ever!

Users of CCFS Online are about to experience a major change in the way they interact with CCFS. For the first time since launching in 2014, CCFS is undertaking a major upgrade of CCFS Online, its internet banking platform.

National Relationship Manager, Stuart Campbell says “From the outset, our online banking platform was an area that we had flagged to upgrade. Now, by working in partnership with Data Action and several of their bank and credit union clients, we have been able to present a new online experience for our customers.” Each financial institution partnering in the online upgrade has been working to customise the presentation and functionality to meet the needs of their client base.

The response has been excellent. Canstar, Australia’s biggest financial product comparison website, awarded its 2017 Best Online Banking Award (for Customer-Owned Institutions) to Beyond Bank. Beyond Bank were the initial pilot institution for the new platform, and were responsible for much of the early testing.

Frank Morabito, CCFS’s CFO, says in a clichéd and humourous but still true statement, “After a 360 review, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, this is a market-driven, win-win for customers. The new platform is a game changer! It’s an out of the box paradigm shift providing leading edge technology that’s ahead of the curve, and pushes through theglass ceiling to deliver a triple bottom line!”

The redevelopment of our internet banking platform has required a significant investment of both time and money. As a result, several improvements have been made that will lead to a = much-improved online experience. These include:

  1. Mobile friendly design on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. CCFS Online will adapt and reconfigure the components of the website to your screen size and your web browser, providing a more user-friendly appearance,
  2. The ability to customise the order in which your accounts appear on screen,
  3. More detail about payees and payment history details making transfers less frustrating,
  4. Login and payment processes including two-factor authentication (SMS Code),
  5. And a Secure Email Inbox allowing users to email CCFS securely directly from their account. Secure Inbox protects the confidential information often included in finance related emails from “hackers” or other unauthorised users who may access your emails.

Testing is currently underway, and once completed the upgrade is expected go live in late July 2017.