CCFS & BEMF partnership continues to bear fruit

The partnership between CCFS and the Building Extension Mutual Fund in WA continues to grow following the merger in February this year. In the 5 months to June 2020 CCFS has, with the help of their new State Relationship Manager Peter Brink, have grown the business 228%. This enabled CCFS to make a well received donation to the Churches of Christ in WA (COCWA). “We look forward to continuing to build on the strong start to this partnership and being a continual blessing for the Churches of Christ in WA” says Stuart Campbell CCFS NRM.

Via Zoom, John Hutchinson (clockwise from top left) the Interim State Minister (COCWA) is providing an update on how those funds have been utilised to the CCFS team which includes Stuart Campbell NRM, Joel Plotnek Managing Director and Pieter Brink State Relationship Manager WA.