Expanding the mission in Western Australia

In January 2020, almost two and a half years ago, the Western Australia Building Extension Mutual Fund and CCFS joined forces in a national initiative to provide an expanded range of financial services to churches and investors in WA. Western Australian churches and investors have shown strong support for the initiative with debentures and loans increasing 300% in that time.… Read more →

Digital ID continues to be a convenient option

The Australian government via AUSTRAC has increased its requirements on organisations like CCFS to identify our borrowers and accountholders. This includes all account signatories as well as the officeholders of any organisation that has accounts with CCFS. The Identification rules are designed to help detect and report suspicious activity such as money laundering and terrorist financing. Historically, CCFS has met… Read more →

CCFS online enhancements now released

CCFS is pleased to announce an important enhancement to batch payment processing. Long-term and high volume users of the business banking module, that enables dual authorisers to approve payments, may have encountered difficulty processing new batches once their batch history has reached capacity. The new enhancement: Allows users to manage their batch payment history by deleting multiple old and no… Read more →

Invest with CCFS. Support mission!

Here’s how you can increase your church’s missional impact…   CCFS is currently funding over 45 church building projects and there are many more churches who will require funding over the next 2 years. We need your support! Invest with CCFS or consider shifting your bank accounts and support mission. CCFS is different to the bank you may be currently… Read more →

Prison Network – A very special gift

Prison Network (PN) is a non-profit organisation affiliated with Churches of Christ that has been providing support to women in Victorian prisons and their families for over 75 years. Amelia Pickering (pictured) was appointed CEO in 2020 to lead the ministry as it journeys with women in and beyond prison, providing the support and courage needed to navigate positive pathways… Read more →

Major expansion at ‘Basso’ Church

The suburb of Bassendean is located approximately 11 kms east of Perth, not far from the airport. It is home to approximately 45,000 residents as well as the Bassendean Church of Christ or Basso church as the locals call it. After many years of prayer and planning, the Basso Church expansion is well underway. The project totalling $2.0m will create… Read more →

Announcing the new Digital ID

CCFS has partnered with Australia Post to improve the way CCFS customers are identified. New account-holders and account signatories can click on the link at the top of the CCFS home page to identify themselves. The current paper-based ID option is still available however, the new digital option provides a convenient, secure and quick alternative. Please contact the CCFS team… Read more →

Helpful Hints: Ensuring a smooth transition to your new Visa card

Current CCFS Visa card holders will receive a new card between late July to mid-August 2021. Your current and new cards will both be operational for several weeks to ensure card holders have access to funds during the transition period. Once the new card has been received and activated: Contact your employer to request a transfer of funds from your CCFS… Read more →