Gawler Church of Christ

A renewed vision for Gawler

Scott Combridge has ministered at Hewett Community Church/Gawler Church of Christ for the past 13 years. The church is still considered a pioneering congregation, partnering with the Hewett Council to manage a dedicated function and community centre.

A partnership of this type wasn’t unusual. The church had previously partnered with the Hewett Council and Education Department in South Australia, establishing a school, community centre and church on the one site. It was a communal hub for the then new suburb of Hewett.

The Gawler area now has 14 churches and as the time with the Hewett Centre and Hewett Council came to an end, the church sought Jesus for a renewed vision. During this time of searching, the church explored moving out of the town of Gawler. There are many rapidly expanding housing estates in surrounding municipalities that also need a church presence. The Lord however led them further into the heart of Gawler to 132 Murray Street, continuing 100 years of service to the town.

The purchase of the new property took more than two years of searching but was definitely God-timed. The congregation’s faithful giving enabled CCFS to approve a new mortgage to help cover the purchase and renovation costs for the new property. It was a genuine answer to prayer. The church’s commitment to the central shopping strip has excited locals and those who walk through the doors are in awe of the result.

CCFS are delighted and blessed to have helped this congregation’s vision become a reality. And though the real work now begins, the church gives thanks in prayer often for that which they have been entrusted. Please pray that God will continue to use this church as a beacon of hope in the beautiful town of Gawler.

Gawler Church of Christ construction phase