1st Birthday @ Adventures Summit

It was a low-key celebration but the Adventures Summit represented 12 months since CCFS was officially launched. To celebrate our 1st birthday we provided specially prepared, branded cupcakes for those attending the Friday Minister’s dinner that was sponsored by CCFS.

It was encouraging to see so many delegates having the opportunity to engage with CCFS this year in two new ways:

1. Using Pushpay to make donations and register for the Summit

2. Use a CCFS EFTPOS terminal to purchase books at the “bookshop”

Frank Morabito (pictured) provided an update to those attending the Minster’s dinner and together with these other initiatives, generated an encouraging level of interest and discussion.

If you would like to find out more about how your church or ministry could benefit from Pushpay or an EFTPOS terminal please contact our office for more information.